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First session

  • The most important thing is your Positive Attitude
  • Driver ‘Attitude’ is key element in safe driving.
  • How to deal with Distractions at all time.
  • Graduated Licensing System
  • The Demerit Point System
  • Traffic Signs, Signals – what do they mean?
  • Traffic laws
  • Insurance

Second session

  • Do you know your car?
  • Lets talk about the G2 test.
  • Do you know your car
  • Pre-Driving checks - Preparing to Drive Safely
  • Parallel parking
  • U-turns
  • 3pt Turns
  • Hill Parking
  • Angle Parking
  • Perpendicular Parking
  • How the eyes see – Process of Perceiving
  • Strategic Driving
  • Other road users
  • Other road areas to drive

Third Session

We’re going to teach you what the hazards of all the following conditions and how you can overcome them!