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Who We Are

This driving school is ideally suited to for new drivers. 

We provide excellent driving lesson services with highly professional and qualified instructors with our modern, fully fitted dual control vehicles to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Use this section to introduces “Your Driving School”, that offers curriculum that is aligned with the RMS guideline, as well as other wide range of services from the Beginner Drivers Education Course. 
Driving school was established by James Thompson in 1985 and is the oldest driving school in area. Mr. Thompson was truly the pioneer in this new business at the time. His idea was simple, driving should be an enjoyable experience and each person should be responsible for one’s action. To this date although no longer alive, his legacy lives on. 
We believe combination of theoretical and practical training is the right approach to learn safe driving skills. Our qualified instructors offer classroom training with adequate on the road instruction to develop your driving skills. Curriculum is completely aligned with the RMS guidelines. 
We offer wide range of services. Apart from Ministry -Approved BDE Course . We can customize to suit your needs. Prices are reasonable. We offer flexibility in terms of times. The school is centrally located in your area .Driving School will prepare you for a lifetime of enjoyable driving. 
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